Sportiv on Texel

Golf course ‘De Texelse’
18-holes golf course ‘De Texelse’ is situated in a wonderful extensive dune area. Also as a tourist you can reserve a start time here. It is a special golf course with dunes, water features and large greens.  Unique is the Par 3-course for the beginning golf player. For the advanced golf player there is a Par 72-course with challenging obstacles. The golf course is situated on about 2 km from your holiday home.

Para centre Texel
Make your first tandem skydive at Para centre Texel. During an instruction you are told what you can expect. Next you get in the plane and you are connected to your instructor. At a height of three kilometres the door opens and together with your jumpmaster you fall down with a speed of about 200 kilometres per hour…
During this absolutely impressive experience you can enjoy a breathtaking and wonderful panorama.

Catamaran sailingschool ‘De Eilander’
Catamaran sailing is without any doubt one of the most spectacular sailing experiences. Some call it the Formule 1 of the sailing sport. And that’s what you experience when you race across the water with a speed aof about 40 kilometres an hour. A sailing course is suitable for the unexperienced or experienced sailormen, younger and older people. Anyone can enjoy this sailing experience. Sailingschool ‘De Eilander’ is situated only a few kilometers away from your holiday home.

Kitesurf Texel
At kitesurfing school Texel you can be taught during seven days a week on the most beautiful kite locations of The Netherlands. The kite courses are on four different locations, so the right location will always be found depending on the weather conditions.
There are courses for beginners and advanced kiters.

Mudflat walks
A wade excursion on Texel of course starts from the Wadden Sea dike. Together with a guide you make a special trip on the bottom of the sea. Along the way you will see shellfish, sea birds and enjoy the unique nature of the Wadden Sea area. A wading excursion is beautiful, but not too difficult. You just sink into the mud regularly and you have to be careful not to lose your shoes!

Mountain bike-route
Cycling Texel at the beginning of 2018 has extended the existing MTB-route to a lenght of about 100 kilometres. You can start the route from different locations. From the ferry port the route leads along the west coast of Texel. The variety of  forest and dune areas make this part of the route very challeging.
From De Cocksdorp the route leads back via the Wadden Sea dike. The route has various cut-offs (alternative routes). These cut-offs are indicated by blue signs with a white arrow.

Horse riding
Texel is populair amongst equestrians. Enjoy the beautiful and extensive nature together with a horse. You can galop along the beach or discover the island together with your horse. On Texel you can go all the way. Through nature there are several bridle paths. At an equestrian centre you can book a forest or beach ride. For children there are pony rides available.