Art and culture on Texel

Texel inspired many artists to create the most beautiful art. Also the cultural heritage is richly represented on the island. And on Texel you can enjoy various performances at different locations. Below a selection.

Visual art

Gallery and sculpture garden ‘De Weezenplaats’
De Weezenplaats is a gallery and sculpture garden with bronze sculptures. It is situated at the foot of the ‘Hoge Berg’.
The gallery and sculpture garden are openend from April 1 until November 1 on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 11.00 till 17.00 o’clock. You also can make a personal appoinment.
Address: Doolhof 3, 1792 CM Oudeschild

Gallery ‘Posthuys’
Gallery ‘Posthuys’ is not a traditional gallery with classical pieces of art, but a meeting point where modern art, artists, visitors and buyers get together. The gallery has four areas, each with its own exhibition. The basis of the collection is formed by a permanent group of artists. They regularly exhibit new work. In addition, a dozen new artists are introduced each year.
Address: Brink 14, 1796 AJ De Koog

‘Eiland Galerij’
The ‘Eiland Galerij’ (Island Gallery) on Texel is a creation of visual artist Niek Welboren. As early as 1978, he took the initiative to give the former local school of  Zuid-Eierland an artistic purpose. While preserving and especially restoring the original style elements, he converted and refurbished the characteristic building from 1912 into a studio and exhibition space. Over the years, an “Island for Art” emerged, a life’s work that can certainly be called unique. In the atmospheric building, the paintings of Niek Welboren have been blending harmoniously with the ceramic sculptures of partner Kerstin Edelmann since 1994. Her ceramics are also presented in an original way in the organically shaped garden.
Address: Postweg 72, 1795 JR De Cocksdorp (Zuid-Eierland)

Culture/cultural heritage

Kaap Skil
Museum Kaap Skil, formerly the Maritime & Beachcombers Museum, is a maritime museum in Oudeschild. The museum focuses on life with the sea and the importance of the island in the Golden Age.
Discover the most impressive finds from shipwrecks on the seabed. Also in the museum: a model of the Texel Roads, shipwrecks, the Beachcomber’s Museum and the Open Air Museum.
Address: Heemskerckstraat 9, 1792 AA Oudeschild

Museum Waelstee
Several decades ago, a group of enthusiastic Texel people founded the Agricultural and Cart Museum Texel in an authentic farmhouse. Initially, the emphasis was on preserving the history of farm life on Texel. The museum covers an area of over 1,500 square metres and gives a multifaceted picture of life on Texel in the past. Authentic farm carts and carriages, utensils and old agricultural machines that were used on Texel are on display. The exhibition also shows how people lived and worked on the farm 100 years ago. Dairy processing, flax and wool processing, for example, are on display, as is the blacksmith’s shop. There are regular demonstrations of old trades.
Address: Hogereind 6, 1793 AG De Waal

Cemetery of the Georgians
The last battle of WWII was fought on Texel. This happened on 20 May 1945 when the Georgian battalion, which initially served the Germans, revolted.
During this battle 565 Georgians lost their lives. A Georgian cemetery was established for them on the Hoge Berg in 1945. The Loladze cemetery is freely accessible.
Address: De Hoge Berg, 1791 LG Den Burg

Fort ‘de Schans’
Fort ‘de Schans’ was built around 1574 by William of Orange to protect the island and Reede van Texel from the Spaniards. In the Golden Age, Fort de Schans was also used as a prison and as a court of law for mutinous ships. In 1811 Napoleon visited ‘de Schans’ and had the fort enlarged. The fort is freely accessible to walkers from sunrise to sunset.
Even more fun is a guided visit to De Schans. You can register for such a group excursion at museum Kaap Skil.
Address: Schansweg, Oudeschild

The ‘Brakestein’ Garden
Thanks to two surviving floor plans, much is known about the Brakestein garden. The garden was situated within a belt of trees and a garden moat. A footpath ran through the tree enclosure, as well as around the vegetable garden beds and the fruit trees. The main path that cut through the garden lengthways was no less than five metres wide and 125 metres long. The garden was a place of interest and it was praised for the fruit it produced: you couldn’t find them anywhere else! In 1986, Brakestein was given the status of municipal monument.
Address: Skillepaadje 18, 1792 CN Oudeschild

On stage

Theatre-restaurant ‘De Toegift’
For thirty years Texel has had its own theatre-restaurant ‘De Toegift’ in Den Hoorn. Almost all the greats of Dutch cabaret have performed here. A special outing is the Theatre Dinner. During a three-course dinner, visitors are treated to a full evening’s theatre programme.
In three parts of about 25 minutes, both songs and conferences can be heard and seen. The artists are in this case the owners Berry and Jeroen and their staff.
Address: Klif 12, 1797 AL Den Hoorn

Cinema Texel
Texel has its own cinema with catering facilities. At Cinema Texel in Den Burg, the latest films are shown and there are also regular special screenings where the film is combined with culinary surprises.
At Cinema Texel you have a choice of major public films and arthouse films for the enthusiast.
Address: Gravenstraat 33, 1791 CJ Den Burg

Texel Blues Festival
Texel Blues is a three-day festival at various locations in Den Burg. Many well-known and lesser-known musicians from the blues world make their appearance here. In short, an illustrious weekend in which the musicians play the stars from heaven and the sociability prevails.
Address: Horeca Den Burg

Classical concerts in Den Hoorn
The Holland Music Sessions is one of the most important festivals supporting young international top talent in classical music. Participants and winners of this festival regularly perform in the characteristic church of Den Hoorn, which is known for its beautiful acoustics.
Address: Hoornder Kerk, Kerkstraat 5, 1797 AD Den Hoorn