Cycling and walking on Texel

Texel is the cycling island par excellence. The island has 140 km of cycle paths and has many beautiful cycle routes. The cycle path along the Wadden Sea is highly recommended. Here you cycle over or under the dyke, looking out over the water. But the old Waalenburgerdijkje between De Koog and Den Burg is also very beautiful. And don’t forget the edge of the dunes between De Koog and Den Hoorn… Along the way you will always find a nice little terrace or café where you can take a break.

Signposted cycle route Texel
57 reference points – 170 km

Texel has a signposted cycle route with reference points. You determine your own route and your own distance. Freedom and flexibility are the keywords! How does it work? On the information panels and on the map of Texel you see the numbers of the reference points. Moreover the distances between the different reference points are indicated. Remember the number of the starting point of your bike tour, in case you want tot finish where you started. Follow the numbered signposts from reference point to reference point.
• You can choose the direction of the next leg of your journey at each reference point.
• There is a limited number of reference points: 57. There are information panels with network maps at various places.

Mountain biking
It’s very nice to discover Texel by mountainbike. Through National Parc ‘De Dennen’ a beautiful and challenging ATB-route of 8 kilometres has been laid out. Please note, it is a track for advanced cyclists. And another note: ATB cycling is not everywhere permitted on the island.

Rent a bike
In most of the villages on Texel there are possibilities to hire bicycles. At several bicycle rental shops you can hire tandems and electric bikes. In the Kikkertstraat in De Cocksdorp there is a bicycle shop with a large selection.

Texel can best be discovered by foot or bicycle. This way you’ll find the most beautiful locations. And you’ll have plenty of time to experience the sounds, scents and colours of the Texel countryside.

You can choose a route before you set out or find your way ‘en route’. There are many signposted footpaths. There is an extensive network of footpaths through the dunes and woods, with clearings where you’ll sometimes be surprised by the heather in bloom. De Hoge Berg is lovely with its turf walls. A beach walk is of course a must for visitors of the island. The vast beach is ever changing. Ebb and flood, wind and water, sun and clouds provide a continuous show.